Questions of life and love

By Sven Saar, May 2017

Answering the question of our origin materialistically, as if we came into being at the moment of our conception or birth, is a modern paradigm in schools, universities, and cafe discussions. However, does the reduction of a person to their body correspond with reality? [more]

Early childhood

A changing childhood or changing children?

By Elke Rüpke, May 2017

Children change along with the society in which they grow up. This becomes very apparent when you compare the children of today with the children of previous generations. But what do these changes consist of? Elke Rüpke from the Waldorf preschool teacher training seminar in Stuttgart summarises the observations of teachers at various Waldorf Schools. [more]

Living Teachers

Mr. Flo and the football

By Cornelie Unger-Leistner, Celia Schönstedt, May 2017

Ex-Waldorf pupil Florian Zech has founded a non-profit social enterprise in South Africa. [more]

Waldorf worldwide

Learning German in America

May 2017

Margarete Orlik-Walsh teaches German as a foreign language at the Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor in the US state of Michigan. She relates her experiences of teaching main lessons in a foreign language and talks about how it is possible to master a third foreign language while at school. [more]


Wondrous ways

By Mathias Maurer, May 2017

“Why do we exist at all?” my youngest asked me. Another sudden, unexpected question that brings me to a standstill. [more]