Nothing inside is, nor outside … The four elements and human mindfulness

By Sven Saar, May 2018

We are firmly integrated into the elements of earth, water, air and fire. We are part of the world down into the smallest detail and yet are confronted by it cognitively. How can we enable and encourage children to experience this connection with ever greater awareness? [more]

Earth, water, air and fire. Mirror of the human soul

By Andreas Höyng, May 2018

Rudolf Steiner opened up access to the four elements in a contemporary way. In gardening, in particular, the growing human being can enter into a direct experience of them. [more]

Sacrificial smoke and the self-denial of the gods. The four elements in science lessons

By Jürgen Brau, May 2018

Rudolf Steiner’s works include a cycle with the title Inner Experiences of Evolution: a volume of five lectures given in late 1911 in Berlin which describe the earlier planetary incarnations of the earth in connection with human development. My teacher Georg Maier, who died 2016, particularly recommended it to us physicists – the meditative study of the images given there can enable us to immerse ourselves in the moments of creation of the elements of fire, air, water and earth. The four elements can be assigned to the temperaments: fire to the choleric, air to the sanguine, water to the phlegmatic, earth to the melancholic. All the temperaments are always present in a person but individually dominant to a greater or lesser extent. Thus we can... [more]

Publisher's View

Leisure 4.0

By Henning Kullak-Ublick, May 2018

“Time doesn’t pass any faster than before but we pass by it in a greater hurry,” said George Orwell, world-famous author of the books 1984 and Animal Farm not long before his death in 1950. [more]

Living lessons

Temperaments in motion. Eurythmy in lower and middle school

By Helga Daniel, May 2018

Powerfully and vigorously a giant trudges through the forest. With each step he crushes several trees at once. Another – far away – prefers to track steadily through wide landscapes like flowing water. He passes through the world and sees and hears a lot. A third one likes nothing better than to be everywhere at once, like the air. He appears quite unexpectedly. And occasionally we might encounter a heedful giant with his attention turned towards the earth who will first consider where he is needed and then attempts carefully to get there. [more]


Lord of the elements

By Mathias Maurer, May 2018

In measuring ourselves against the elements, we have our most deeply engrained experiences. [more]