The heavens rumble

By Michael Birnthaler, July 2015

Why do most violence prevention measures for young people fail? Michael Birnthaler, Waldorf teacher and teacher of experiential education follows up a suggestion from Rudolf Steiner who explained the occurrence of violence as the unsatisfied hunger for “true images”. [more]

Have trust in yourself! How sexual violence can be recognised and what can be done to prevent it

By Ingrid Ruhrmann, July 2015

Violence can lie in a look, the voice, a touch. Ingrid Ruhrmann, an expert in the prevention of violence, describes how boundaries are breached and violence appears in everyday life and gives some suggestions as to how we can protect children and young people, as well as ourselves, against such assaults. [more]

Perpetrator strategies. The motive for abuse is not sex but power

By Mathias Wais, July 2015

Trust does not protect against abuse. On the contrary, abuse situations are based on the carefully developed relationship of trust between the perpetrator and child. Mathias Wais shows the manipulative way in which perpetrators proceed, what happens to their victims and what we as parents can do to prevent abuse. [more]

Child protection from the perspective of a school doctor

By Ulrike Lorenz, July 2015

School doctors are frequently also charged with dealing with child protection in schools. This means that the school doctor, together with a teacher, is the contact for questions on this subject. The Mannheim Waldorf School offers parents and teachers further training by the child protection officers in order to heighten sensitivity with regard to children who may be affected. They take action to ensure that preventive measures are implemented in the school.  [more]


Great heights and depths

By Mathias Maurer, July 2015

A strenuous hike in the Alps. We take a break. I sit with a few friends in front of the mountain hut. We have an overwhelming view of the snow-covered peaks. “That’s awesome,” comments Roger, “like sleeping giants.” [more]