The courage of refusal

By Albert Vinzens, August 2017

When we look at the subject of leisure activities for our children it is worthwhile occasionally reversing the parts of role model and imitator. We adults should investigate the natural play of children as it is played in indigenous cultures. We should imitate as much as possible of their way of playing. That would then have a great effect on children. Anyone who thinks that might be difficult can find help in, for example, Tom Hodgkinson – or Friedrich Schiller. [more]

Time – our most valuable resource

By Börries Hornemann, August 2017

We have to reinvent society. A concept of work which only encompasses earning money is a thing of the past. Digital abstinence, the experience of reality, boredom and pleasure in life are part of the work ethos of the future. [more]

Publisher's View

Keep dancing!

By Henning Kullak-Ublick, August 2017

The birds are singing, the trees blossoming, the bees humming, the moles digging, the wren is peeking out of the old wood pile and the squirrels are flitting about the trees – spring! ... and I am incredibly grateful and happy about it! In 1962 the ecological best seller Silent Spring was published by the biologist Rachel Carson and its title still makes me shudder: what if spring really did remain silent? [more]

Early childhood

The journey from kindergarten to school

By Stefanie Greubel, August 2017

Transitions are part of childhood. There is no other age at which they occur so frequently. The change from kindergarten to school is particularly incisive, also for the family. Almost one year before the actual move to school, a transition phase starts in kindergarten which is marked by numerous rituals, particular actions, but also a change in the status of the children and new challenges. [more]

Waldorf worldwide

An oasis in Beirut

By Christiane Leiste, August 2017

Everything is done differently in Lebanon. Writing, reading and arithmetic already have to be learnt in kindergarten. Christiane Leiste from Hamburg and two teachers from Shatila have attempted to see how this can be done without excessive demands being placed on the children by going on a joint search for stories connected with the Arabic script. [more]


At leisure

By Mathias Maurer, August 2017

Nowadays we immediately think of idleness, inaction, loafing about and shirking. [more]