Hidden effect

By Mathias Maurer, July 2019

As the weather grows warmer again, more skin and muscle are also on show once more. Remarkable how many people in this country are discreetly or assertively wearing tattoos and piercings – across generations and social class. [more]

My body and I

By Michaela Glöckler, July 2019

The prematurely deceased drugs and addiction expert Felicitas Vogt (1956 – 2008) told me at one of our last meetings how she had been standing at a red pedestrian crossing in a small German town. Suddenly an approximately 15-year-old teenager stood next to her – also waiting – perfectly styled as a punk: dressed in black, on her head an impressive pink Mohican, nose and ear piercings, around her neck a silver necklace from which skulls were dangling. [more]

No body is perfect

By Michael Birnthaler, July 2019

In no previous period have people focused on their own body to such an extent as in the present time. From tattoos through bodybuilding to body modification, modern human beings do everything to perfect their body. Yet it seems that the search to obtain happiness from our bodies is futile. Instead, those who strive hardest for health and physical wellness seem least able to achieve it. Why is that? [more]

Self-optimisation in the service of what?

By Lorenzo Ravagli, July 2019

Since the major textile manufacturers started printing their logos on our clothing and turning us into their advertising media, we have grown to accept many things. Nowadays we no longer just voluntarily provide involuntary services to support the corporate image of global agents of exploitation, we even happily reveal to them our most intimate secrets when the inducements they offer us harmonise with our wants. [more]

Publisher's View

Listen and act!

By Henning Kullak-Ublick, July 2019

Greta Thunberg posted a thought on 17 March. On Facebook. She referred to the report Mitigation of Climate Change in which the IPCC 2014 discussed the importance of nuclear energy in relation to a low-carbon energy supply and wrote: “Let’s leave that debate until we look at the full picture.” [more]

Waldorf worldwide

Form drawing – a new linear art worldwide

By Thomas Wildgruber, July 2019

Waldorf education resides today on all continents and in numerous cultures. During many visits to Waldorf “colonies” overseas, the question cannot be avoided as to the extent that this Central European cultural impulse is justified for example in India, China or Central and South America, in cultures which suffered or were destroyed through European colonialism. [more]

Waldorf worldwide

Jörgen Smit – with unadorned goodness of heart

By Nana Goebel, July 2019

When Jörgen Smit (1916-1991) took on a first class in Bergen in Norway, he slept on a folding bed in the classroom – he could not afford to pay a rent. [more]