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Stuttgart pioneers

By Christof Wiechert, July 2021

To say it from the outset: this work is based on a deeply and thoroughly researched and understood remembrance in the spirit. And it has another a special merit. [more]


Transforming materials and the maker

By Martyn Rawson, March 2020

From an evolutionary perspective tools and the social practices they were embedded in and how these responded to the environments people dwelled in, were crucial to the emergence of human societies.  [more]


Holistic foreign language teaching

By Erhard Dahl, May 2019

As long as foreign language teaching continues to be structured to address the “learning brains” of the pupils and there is no understanding that language is connected just as much with emotions and the body, it is a pleasure when books are published which adopt a holistic approach. Ulrike Sievers, an experienced Waldorf foreign language teacher, has presented such a book.  [more]


Big Brother says hello

By Dirk Wegner, May 2019

For some time now, newspaper articles have told us regularly how we can and should protect our personal data effectively when we use Internet services.  [more]


Why can’t you just sit still?

By Maria Lyons, February 2019

Most parents at some point in their child’s life have given in to sheer frustration and cried out ‘Why can’t you just sit still?’ This is the question van Dort addresses in her short guide to movement and play in child development.  [more]


Movement: Your child’s First Language

By Jill Taplin, December 2018

I am pleased to be able to review another book from by Sally Goddard Blythe. Her previous publications, such as What Babies and Children Really Need and The Well Balanced Child, have proved informative and helpful to parents, carers and teachers trying to create a supportive environment for the young child. [more]


Free, Equal and Mutual: Rebalancing Society for the Common Good

By Frances Hutchinson, November 2018

Twenty chapters by thirteen individual authors presenting their views on practical implementation of Rudolf Steiner’s societal vision present the reviewer with a daunting task.  [more]


Christianity and the Ancient Mysteries: Reflections on Rudolf Steiner’s Christianity as Mystical Fact

By Rosemary
 Usselman, September 2018

In the 1950s and 1960s, Charles Kovacs was a class teacher at the Edinburgh Steiner School. It was his modus
 to write abundant notes in preparation for his lessons and a series of books have been published, compiled from these notes, on the subjects taught in the main lesson at Steiner schools.  [more]


12 really essential Qualities

By Valerie Taylor, July 2018

This book uses ‘12 essential qualities’, or values, to go on a journey in parenting children. The author encourages us to firstly look at the habit patterns we have, both of word and deed, and how appropriate they are and, where necessary, to transform these in order to create a world that is more nurturing for the children in our care and as a result of these changes less stressful for us. [more]



By Frances Hutchinson, June 2018

According to my spell-check, dictionary and thesaurus, the word ‘anthroposophy’ does not exist. Yet here we have an academic text, written by the Emerson Senior Lecturer at Harvard Divinity School, on the role of anthroposophy in the history and future of environmentalism.  [more]

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