A Call for Care

By Griet Hellinckx, May 2014

Gary Lachman might be known to some as the author of a biography on Rudolf Steiner, to others as the founding member of the rock band Blondie. He is the author of a number of biographies and books that are concerned with western esoteric traditions and philosophies. In The Caretakers of the Cosmos the author basically asks the question why we humans are here on earth. While he does not claim to have the ultimate answer, he points out that scientists offer no satisfying explanations either. Modern science has us believe that we are ‘the chance product of an accidental universe’. As the way we look at life tremendously influences our behaviour and well-being, this outlook has led to feelings of nihilism, insignificance and powerlessness being... [more]


Waldorf Education – Just Like in the Movies!

By Ute Hallaschka, April 2014

Anyone under the impression that Waldorf Schools are averse to the media will be thinking differently by the end of these films: they will be thinking for themselves on the matter.  [more]


Waldorf Kindergartens Today – an Introduction

By Marina N. Monteiro, March 2014

Georges Snyders, in 1980, wrote that society has got used to see children as they used to do with slaves, black people, housemaids, commoners, and women, regarding them as an inferior type of human being. In the foreword of the book Waldorf Kindergartens Today, Marie-Louise Compani and Peter Lang call our attention to the fact that only in the beginning of the twentieth century society started to understand the importance of taking good care of children and respect their rights and needs. And, according to my opinion, they agree with Snyders when they emphasize that, although it has improved a lot, until today children have their rights disrespected in different levels around the world. Waldorf Kindergartens Today... [more]


American Philosophy and Rudolf Steiner

September 2013

Few thinkers from outside the United States have touched American culture in as many ways as Rudolf Steiner. Agriculture, education, spirituality, and medicine-or more precisely, alternative practices in these fields-all bear clear marks of his influence, for those with eyes to see. Yet the very breadth of Steiner's impact has perhaps made him harder, not easier, for observers of American culture to notice. The terms Waldorf education and biodynamic agriculture are more widely recognized than Rudolf Steiner himself or Anthroposophy. Anthroposophic initiatives are commonly understood in relation to parallel initiatives with different spiritual roots, rather than in relation to the rich fabric of Steiner's worldview. Americans typically imagine... [more]


Finance at the Threshold

By Rudolf Isler, January 2013

Because of its great importance for our understanding of the modern financial industry, here an English book is shown, that is unfortunately not yet translated into German. The author, Dr. Christopher Houghton Budd writes as proven professional. He has dedicated his entire life to the financial industry and is to be found much in the world. Professor Geoffrey Wood of the Cass Business School in London provides the book with an appreciative foreword. Houghton Budd describes the ongoing financial crisis since 2007 as a threshold event. It is not about the problems we have to solve today somehow, but a deep rift between the past and a future in which the thinking and behaviour valid till now are no longer valid. It depends on whether we are able to... [more]

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