Just different – children who are trailblazers for a world worth living in

By Henning Köhler, November 2013

Their number keeps growing, we are told; they cause trouble in families, kindergartens, schools and are well on the way to throwing the whole teaching profession into the greatest confusion in its history: they are the children with so-called behavioural disorders. But what do we actually mean by behavioural disorders? [more]

Back to the roots

By Guido Peuckert, November 2013

Complaints about the way children are changing, the growing difficulty in dealing with them, and the increasing challenges for teachers are as old as education itself. The class teacher Guido Peuckert finds that things are indeed more difficult for children and teachers today but does not see the solution in frantic reforms but in the implementation of fundamental virtues of Waldorf education. [more]


A question of trust

By Mathias Maurer, November 2013

Dear Reader, Lars has grown up in well-ordered circumstances and a loving environment with two older siblings. He has a lot of time to play and stimulating, well-educated social surroundings in which a religious life is also cultivated; he spends a lot of time outside in nature. His parents would have been hard pressed to do better. When he is nine years old, things begin to change: Lars becomes very hard work. Few lunch times pass without a shouting match, few lessons from which he is not thrown out. Lars lives as if he were alone in the world, including the way he expresses his feelings and acts. His style of learning and communication is becoming an “insurmountable” problem, people say. Lars appears to have no awareness of this problem, he only feels... [more]