Competency and media literacy

By Edwin Hübner, January 2015

In 1996, the German telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom started the initiative “Schulen ans Netz” (Schools online) in collaboration with the German government. After only five years, every school in Germany was connected to the Internet. It was a widely-held opinion that computers would fundamentally change the way in which schools operated. [more]

Digital self-defense

By Uwe Buermann, January 2015

How we can protect what remains of our privacy on the internet. [more]

Publisher's View

Forging freedom

By Henning Kullak-Ublick, January 2015

2045, so says Dmitry Itskov, Russian entrepreneur and founder of the international “2045 Initiative”, will be the year in which humanity achieves immortality. [more]

Early childhood

Children need anchors

By Barbara Leineweber, January 2015

Society may have changed, but the needs of the child have remained the same. [more]

Living lessons

Digital main lesson books

By Franz Peter Waritsch, January 2015

Technical inventions have always been an enticing and successful business for the Swedes. Matches, ball bearings, Tetra Pak, dynamite, battery operated cardiac pacemakers and computer mice have changed day-to-day life all over the world. Sweden also has the edge when it comes to the field of telecommunications. A new boom came along with the Internet. Fibre-optic cables have been adopted by households everywhere. In 2010, 92 percent of the population made use of the Internet. This development held implications for schools. In Göteborg digital main lesson books have been developed. [more]

Waldorf worldwide

The end of a Waldorf School?

By Andreas Maria Schäfer, January 2015

Is it possible for a well-established Waldorf school which can look back on 40 years of school history to descend into such a state of crisis that it finds itself facing its closure? Yes. But there are ways to avert such a fate and start over again. [more]


Trade in education

By Wilhelm Neurohr, January 2015

The controversial TTIP and TISA free trade agreements threaten sell off culture and education. [more]


Creeping loss

By Mathias Maurer, January 2015

On the way to school: Jan briefly checks his emails once more, bumps into a passerby as he rushes to the underground, misses the stop where he intended to get off ... isn’t there an app to alert you that will play a jingle? Jan quickly posts a message where he will be at lunchtime, perhaps there’s time to meet for a burger.  [more]