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What effect does artificial light have on our children?

By Uwe Geier, January 2018

The possible ways of using artificial light are rapidly changing at the moment. So-called LEDs (light emitting diodes) are increasingly being utilised and are replacing the light bulbs currently in use. LEDs are attractive because of their low energy consumption and versatility. The EU is aiming to ban the production and marketing of light bulbs which have a higher energy consumption than LEDs. [more]

“Fear eats the soul” and nourishes the I

By Wolf-Ulrich Klünker, January 2018

Fear occurs when something is no longer perceived as self-evident in our emotional experience. Yet where such ordinary experience comes to an end in our life, the I can develop its individuality – but “painfully” and by passing through fear. That is why the title of Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s film, Fear eats the soul (1974), which refers to a Native American tradition, must be extended: fear is a kind of sensory organ relating to the future. [more]


Hello fear

By Mathias Maurer, January 2018

Fear and anxiety mean inner constriction. This feeling occurs in certain situations but can also set in without an outer cause. [more]

Without fear we would be worse off

By Henning Köhler, January 2018

Every development invariably goes through crises of fear and anxiety. Hence it makes no sense if we declare fear and anxiety to be our enemies. But learning to know their various aspects in order to be able to handle them better, perhaps grow through them, is helpful.  [more]