How do I feed my child properly

By Petra Kühne, October 2012

It is held today that children should not just be fed in the right way but that ecological, regional and social conditions should also be taken into account when buying food. What a task for parents who are not, after all, nutritional experts and keep being told by the food industry how good and tailor-made its products are! So it would be a good thing if this article explained the appropriate foods for a child. But you’ve already guessed it: there is no “right” way to feed a child which fits all of them. It is, however, possible is to set out some basic guidelines. [more]

The mental effect of foods

By Uwe Geier, October 2012

Uwe Geier is an agricultural engineer working at the “Forschungsring für Biologisch-Dynamische Wirtschaftsweise” biodynamic research institute in Darmstadt. He has developed standardised procedures for evaluating the mental effect of foods as part of his research into the question whether eating also has a mental and possibly spiritual effect. [more]

Early childhood

Atopic dermatitis – a disease of our time

By Lüder Jachens, October 2012

Increasing numbers of children and young people suffer from atopic dermatitis. There are various reasons for that: air, water and food contain greater amounts of pollutants than previously. Then there is the widespread hypervigilance and nervosity. [more]

Waldorf worldwide

Kindergarten after perestroika and glasnost: birthday in Moscow

By Peter Lang, October 2012

The kindergarten seminar in Moscow celebrates its twenty-first birthday this year. Peter Lang reports about its history and the situation of Waldorf education in Russia. [more]