Small home – large home

By Christoph Göpfert, October 2013

Christoph Göpfert, a German teacher and lecturer on geography for many years, outlines in broad strokes the importance of the subject of geography for the development of the growing human being. [more]

From charcoal kiln to orbital model

By Ulrich Wunderlin, October 2013

Chemistry is located between physics, which deals with inanimate objects, and biology, the science of living things which is concerned with the structure of living creatures and their chemical metabolic processes. The actual chemical part concerns the transformation of substances. But in the course of the twentieth century the process aspect has increasingly receded into the background. “Thinking in tiniest particles” (molecules) dominates chemistry as a science today. Chemistry teaching in Waldorf schools deliberately takes another path. [more]

Real cooperation is the best survival strategy

By Dirk Rohde, October 2013

Biology has matured into an exceptional science which can offer crucial approaches to finding a solution for a diverse range of questions. As an important part of the anthroposophical understanding of the human being, it is at the same time the basis of all teaching in Waldorf schools. [more]


Our little astrophysicist

By Mathias Maurer, October 2013

Dear Reader,  We were sitting in the garden one evening and Sarah (5) called out: “Look, the sun is going down!” A glowing red ball slowly sank below the horizon, a magnificent sight. Sven (9) bent over to me and whispered conspiratorially into my ear: “You know something? The sun doesn’t set at all. The sun doesn’t turn around the earth. Only the moon does that. The earth really turns around the sun.” I asked him: “How do you know that? From here both look the same, don’t they?” Sven’s immediate response: “I recently saw it in the paper. There was a picture from space on which you can see the earth looking very tiny. I think the astronauts discovered it.” I remembered: the American Cassini space probe, which has been orbiting Saturn for almost... [more]