How many parents does it take? Parents speak

December 2015

The forces of self-education are the crucial instance in education. Activating and supporting them is the central task of Waldorf education. [more]

Aren’t they a little bit different – these Waldorf parents?

By Steffen Koolmann, Lars Petersen, Petra Ehrler, December 2015

Results of the WEiDE study, the first-time survey of parents throughout Germany. [more]

Only through the parental home

By Mathias Maurer, December 2015

Rudolf Steiner formulated principles for the collaboration between parents and teachers in the initial years following the establishment of the Waldorf school which it is worth recalling. [more]

Publisher's View

Between chaos and atrophy

By Henning Kullak-Ublick, December 2015

The monumental wooden sculpture of the “Representative of Humankind” can be seen in Dornach; Rudolf Steiner fashioned it with the sculptor Edith Maryon for the back of the stage of the first Goetheanum at the time that the first Waldorf school was established. [more]

Early childhood

What children’s drawings can tell us

By Ulrike Staudenmaier, December 2015

If we compare the changes which occur in children’s drawings over a certain period of time, it is as if we were watching the child “landing” on earth. From the initial “body pictures” the drawings move on to a depiction of what is seen and imagined. Ulrike Staudenmaier investigates the question of what comes to expression in these depictions. [more]


Breathing freely

By Mathias Maurer, December 2015

The summer holidays are almost upon us. A call comes from northern Germany. K. is on the line, a highly motivated and committed class teacher taking a class for the third time round – someone who would go through fire and water for his children and, on top of everything else, still happily finds time to study Steiner texts. [more]