Living Teachers

Built on friendship

By Annette Wild, December 2017

Together with a Roma family, the architect Flavia Matei built a house from clay in barely four months in the Romanian village of Rosia. A very special relationship developed. But Flavia Matei also had to fight against a lot of things: the bad weather, deeply entrenched preconceptions, cultural differences and a strong macho culture. [more]

Early childhood

Basic gestures of life

By Claudia Grah-Wittich, December 2017

Whatever the family may look like, the important thing is to support the child’s self-determination and interpersonal abilities. [more]

Europe at the crossroads?

December 2017

Interview with Gerald Häfner, former member of the German Parliament and the European Parliament, co-founder of the “More Democracy” association and today head of the Social Science Section at the Goetheanum. [more]

Becoming a person of our time

By Andre Bartoniczek, December 2017

Do young people have to be brought up to be people of their time? Aren’t they that by default and only the adults as usual blithely sleep through the signs of the times in that they try to educate young people in their own image? [more]

Enjoying the time we live in

By Mathias Maurer, December 2017

Parents, nursery teachers and teachers want and expect something of children. They are involved in a continuing and partly paradoxical process of care, upbringing and education. [more]