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Keep dancing!

By Henning Kullak-Ublick, August 2017

The birds are singing, the trees blossoming, the bees humming, the moles digging, the wren is peeking out of the old wood pile and the squirrels are flitting about the trees – spring! ... and I am incredibly grateful and happy about it! In 1962 the ecological best seller Silent Spring was published by the biologist Rachel Carson and its title still makes me shudder: what if spring really did remain silent? [more]

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Moving mountains

By Henning Kullak-Ublick, July 2017

“This class is impossible to teach!” With these encouraging words, a colleague handed me the list of names of my new class 1 pupils the last time I took over a class. [more]

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It’s down to all of us

By Henning Kullak-Ublick, April 2017

There are going to be elections all over Europe in 2017, and not everyone is worried about that. [more]

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Nothing is allowed to happen anymore

By Henning Kullak-Ublick, March 2017

America is usually a little ahead of us: On the 4th of July 1776, on Independence Day, the United States officially adopted its Declaration of Independence in which it declared that “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”. [more]

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Magic moments

By Henning Kullak-Ublick, February 2017

Sacred moments sometimes occur in the life of a class. They cannot be summoned, planned or, least of all, held fast, but we can hold the door open for them and be vigilant that they don’t pass by unnoticed. What constitutes such sacred moments? [more]

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Daughter of freedom

By Henning Kullak-Ublick, November 2016

In 1819 the Swiss educator and social reformer Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi wrote to James Pierrepont Greaves, a British educator, socialist and mystic: “I need not remind you of the importance of music because it is able to generate and support the highest feelings of which human beings are capable.”  [more]

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Waldorf box of tricks

By Henning Kullak-Ublick, May 2016

Maria R. has four children with the eldest one starting school after the summer holidays. She has stopped work to have time for her children. [more]

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Honey of freedom

By Henning Kullak-Ublick, March 2016

2015 was a year of upheavals. [more]

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Hard currency

By Henning Kullak-Ublick, January 2016

In his Urfaust, which never progressed beyond a fragment, the German dramatist and philosopher Gotthold Ephraim Lessing asked the spirits which was the smallest distance to be found on earth. That was, the answer came, the space between good and evil, right and wrong. [more]

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Between chaos and atrophy

By Henning Kullak-Ublick, December 2015

The monumental wooden sculpture of the “Representative of Humankind” can be seen in Dornach; Rudolf Steiner fashioned it with the sculptor Edith Maryon for the back of the stage of the first Goetheanum at the time that the first Waldorf school was established. [more]

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