Freedom gained. How small children acquire basic human skills

By Philipp Gelitz, September 2013

The exclusively human abilities of walking, speaking and thinking raise human beings above the animal kingdom. But they are not natural gifts and must be developed through hard work in early childhood. A development report. [more]

Walking, speaking, thinking from a medical and therapeutic perspective

By Christoph Meinecke, September 2013

The three basic human capacities of walking, speaking and thinking are developed in the first three years of life. They represent the prerequisites for the development of the individual ability to act, enter into relationships and obtain knowledge. If they are disrupted or promoted at the wrong time under stress and pressure, the consequence is often serious illnesses in adolescence and adulthood. [more]


How’s it going?

By Mathias Maurer, September 2013

Dear Reader, What is the point when we ask: “How’s it going?” What is it that “goes” – sometimes well, sometimes not so well? External, visible going is probably not what we mean in most cases and yet there is an inner connection to what the question is about. The German philosopher Johann Gottfried Herder wrote in his Ideas for the Philosophy of History of Humanity: “With upright carriage, human beings became artful creatures; for through this, the first and most difficult art which human beings learn, they are initiated into learning all of them and becoming what we might call living art … Meanwhile all these artful tools, the brain, senses and hands, would have remained without effect even in an upright form if the Creator had not given us a... [more]