Teachers for the future

By Johannes Kiersch, November 2019

The story was often told at the Stuttgart mother school that Rudolf Steiner – not without a touch of self-criticism – had let himself be carried away to say: “If I could start again from scratch, I would change tack completely towards the artistic.”  [more]

Waldorf: a home

By Sophia Meiners, November 2019

Extracts from the speech of Sophia Meiners, pupil in class 12 of the Nuremberg Rudolf Steiner School, at the festive ceremony of the Bavarian Waldorf schools for Waldorf 100 in Nuremberg on 23 March. [more]

Research project: the world in 2030

By Andrea de la Cruz Barral, November 2019

What would the world look like in 2030 if what lives in me were to become reality? What can I do to make it happen? These questions provide the focus of the current research project of the Youth Section at the Goetheanum. [more]

Engaging the heart. The future of parent involvement

By Ellen Niemann, November 2019

When there is a failure of communication between parents and teachers on social and educational questions, this gives rise to misunderstanding, distrust and lack of transparency and thus the breeding ground of conflict. [more]

Future viability and parental participation

By Heinz Brodbeck, November 2019

Academics have investigated the satisfaction of parents in Germany and Switzerland with Waldorf schools. What does the result say about the state of the schools? In which direction do they need to develop? [more]

Looking back on 200 years

By Volker Frielingsdorf, November 2019

In January 2119, the Waldorf school movement will begin its two hundredth anniversary year which it will celebrated with numerous festivities in the meanwhile 9,792 Waldorf schools worldwide. It will also look back on its eventful history which, as everyone knows, began with Rudolf Steiner in Stuttgart in the German state of Baden Württemberg in 1919. [more]

Outstanding, but could develop further

By Jost Schieren, November 2019

If we try to sum up in a sentence what Waldorf education is all about, then we can say that the whole of its teaching theory and methodology is guided by support for the development of the human personality. [more]

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