Children in the present

By Michaela Glöckler, September 2015

Development of physical, mental and spiritual health. [more]

The most important teachers are the pupils

By Johannes Greiner, September 2015

I had my educational key moment with a piano pupil who had great difficulty in making any progress with the piano.  [more]

Singing – playing – understanding. Three ways of music in school

By Benedikt Burghardt, September 2015

Education through music is the most excellent because rhythm and harmony penetrate most of all into the innermost soul and most strongly take hold of it. [more]

Eurythmy therapy in school – why?

By Erika Leiste, September 2015

Every child is a riddle which wants to be solved. Eurythmy therapy can help to answer the riddle without destroying the secret. [more]


Hush little baby

By Mathias Maurer, September 2015

Julian wanders bored into the living room. He is in combative form or, let us say, in the mood for a good debate. He notices a book called Healing Education. [more]