Accelerating childhood: the ever earlier start to school and Rudolf Steiner’s salutogenic approach

By Rainer Patzlaff, Martina F. Schmidt, March 2018

Germany’s worst result in the first PISA studies led in 2001 to the “PISA shock” which was only made worse in 2004 through the “Baby PISA” study. Sweeping structural changes were demanded, above all in pre-school education because that is where the crucial foundations were laid.  [more]

Anthropological perspectives on school enrolment age

By Claus-Peter Röh, March 2018

The issue of the school enrolment age is of great importance in the context of the development of the child. A great variety of social and anthropological requirements are associated with it. [more]

How children’s drawings indicate readiness for school

By Ulrike Staudenmaier, March 2018

Children’s drawings reveal a great deal about the way in which the child is situated in the world, how they relate to themselves and whether they are ready to take in new things. [more]

Protection not pressure. Interview with Professor Michael Schulte-Markwort

March 2018

Professor Michael Schulte-Markwort is a child and adolescent psychiatrist at the Hamburg Eppendorf University Medical Centre and doctor in charge of the department for child and adolescent psychosomatic medicine of Altona Paediatric Hospital. He is well-known for his work on mental illness in children and adolescents, particularly stress-induced depression. [more]