Trans- und posthumanist fantasies

By Edwin Hübner, December 2017

The transhumanists are telling a kind of religious salvation story in the guise of IT concepts. The question what it means to be human is taking on an existential dimension. In Waldorf education we have to confront the abolition of the human being. [more]

Digitalisation of emotion?

By Roland Benedikter, December 2017

In January 2017, the digitalisation of emotion was discussed at Stanford University, a global leader in matters of information technology. Researchers presented its imminent amalgamation with technology as unavoidable – if not necessarily desirable. [more]

Human or machine?

By Andre Bartoniczek, December 2017

Life between super-nature and sub-nature. [more]

Welcome to the digital age

By Wolfgang Debus, December 2017

If human beings reflect on what their particular abilities are, they do not need to be afraid of machines. [more]

Rediscovering the human being

By Friedhelm Garbe, December 2017

The digital age needs a new system of education. [more]