The “refugee crisis” and the Three Kings

By Wilbert Lambrechts, October 2016

The refugee crisis confronts Europe with the question about its own identity. Who are we, what inspires us, what do we stand for? The Islamic religion in particular challenges the so-called European “values” and European history – much more so than conversely. [more]

Young writers

The dark corner

By Clara Deifel, October 2016

I know they haven’t done me any harm. I know it’s not their fault. I know they’re not any different to us. I know that people who think like that are racists. And yet my heart always beats a little bit faster as I hurry past giving the “dark corner” a wide berth. [more]

Learning to see

By Anna Ribeau, October 2016

I recall: about 15 years ago I went to Berlin for a demonstration against the war in Afghanistan. Today I work at first hand with children from Afghanistan. They are probably as many years old as the years ago that I went to the demonstration. Young people who had to grow up early. We, in turn, took a long time to wake up.  [more]


Refugee streams

By Mathias Maurer, October 2016

Five decades ago, millions of “guest workers” were recruited and contributed significantly to the German economic miracle. I don’t recall them ever representing a threat to the public order. [more]