The courage of personal initiative

October 2018

An interview with Henning Kullak-Ublick. [more]

Rudolf Steiner, Emil Molt and the first Waldorf school

October 2018

In conversation with Dietrich Esterl, a former pupil and then teacher for many years at the Stuttgart-Uhlandshöhe Waldorf School, about the early years and future development of the “mother school”. [more]

Teacher generations at the Uhlandshöhe. An outline

By Alain Denjean, October 2018

The Uhlandshöhe Waldorf school with its almost hundred-year-old history has seen three generations of teachers. Yet being a member of one of those generations was not something that the teachers working there thought much about. [more]

Waldorf schools in times of social upheaval

By Volker Frielingsdorf, October 2018

As everyone knows, the first Waldorf school was founded ninety-nine years ago in Stuttgart by Rudolf Steiner and Emil Molt. [more]

With heart and soul. Teachers’ meetings then and now

By Christof Wiechert, October 2018

“Each person must be fully engaged, from the beginning. That is why we will set up the school not like a government but like an administration and we will administer it in a republican form. In a true teachers’ republic we will not be cushioned by directives from the headmaster but [...] each person must themselves carry full responsibility.” [more]

An education for the human being. The development of the worldwide Waldorf school movement

By Nana Goebel, October 2018

Waldorf education is more relevant than ever! In Africa alone, people are currently working in Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Tanzania, Namibia, Nigeria and Ivory coast to prepare the establishment of new Waldorf kindergartens and schools. [more]

Transcending cultures

October 2018

People everywhere have noticed that the highly technological culture which is spreading all over the world represents something that is hugely one-sided and which urgently needs something else to supplement it. Interview with Tomáš Zdražil. [more]

WALDORF100 core projects

October 2018

Some of the core projects for the anniversary year 2019. [more]

WALDORF100 beacon projects

October 2018

Some of the beacon projects of Waldorf100. [more]

100 years of parental involvement at Waldorf schools

By Ellen Niemann, October 2018

A lecture by Rudolf Steiner of 11 May 1920 contains the sentence: “You will have to be patient if you want to wait for what is maturing.” Although it refers to bringing up children, it also applies perfectly to parental involvement. [more]

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