Goodbye Michael House School. The second English Waldorf school closes

By Sven Saar, June 2019

The second oldest Waldorf school in the heart of England between Derby and Nottingham will stop operating at the end of the school year. The decision, taken by the school’s trustees with a heavy heart, was notified on its website on 1 March 2019. [more]


Education to freedom in digital change

By Robin Schmidt, February 2019

We live today not just in a world of digital devices, we also increasingly live in a digital world. This world is more and more experienced as actual primary life in contrast to our urban or natural environment. [more]


1968: impulses and consequences

By Christoph Strawe, January 2019

It is fifty years since the 1968 movement: in the retrospectives which can be found to celebrate this anniversary in the various media the assessments are highly controversial. If some see it as the great emancipatory start into a better world, others speak at the extreme end of the spectrum of the uprising of unworldly and mislead “do-gooders” – with a socially destructive effect which has lasted to the present day. [more]


Transhumanism – the end of the human being?

By Mathias Maurer, January 2019

An unusual conference took place at the Goetheanum from 7-9 September: a cultural conference on the subject of the transhumanist vision of the future. Unusual not just because of the location where it was held, but also because speakers spoke about this highly relevant subject whose fields of work could not be more different. [more]


Cursive handwriting belongs in class 1

By Susanne Mai, December 2018

A response to the article “One step at a time. An experience report on introducing cursive handwriting” by Ludger Helming-Jacoby, Erziehungskunst 11/2018. [more]


Children need a private life!

By Susanne Bregenzer, November 2018

“Have we got off now, Mum?” – “Yes.” – “Two days?” – “Two days and this afternoon.” The shoes fly off, followed by the clothes. [more]


Young people online

By Peter Loebell, July 2018

Twenty-first century lifeworlds between digitalisation and sensory integration. [more]


Removing the stain of esotericism

By Leonhard Weiss, April 2017

With meanwhile more than a thousand schools, Waldorf education can now be counted as one of the most successful movements within the context of so-called progressive education. Despite this fact it remained ignored by academic education studies for decades. [more]


Vaccination – yes and no

By Stephanie Sieburg, September 2016

I carried my daughter, then eight months old, in a baby sling. I breast fed her until she was seven months old – exclusively. She is a healthy, happy and sparkling child. Today we have an information meeting about vaccination. I am sitting with my daughter in the waiting room and am nervous. I have a vague feeling of uncertainty. [more]


We live in a surveillance society

By Uwe Buermann, September 2016

A thirteen-year-old girl decides to send a naked photo of herself to her boyfriend. In 1970 that would have meant sending a paper photo by post and as long as his mother did not open the letter there would not have been a problem. Today it means that the picture speeds as a package of data invisibly from sender to recipient. And that it travels across a public space, particularly when it goes via the Internet. [more]

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