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50 years of the Hague Circle

By Nana Göbel, September 2020

The international Waldorf movement [more]

Waldorf worldwide

Treating trauma. Interview with Barbara Schiller, managing director of stART international

July 2020

After the initial experience of working with emergency education in Lebanon in 2006 and 2007, a group of Waldorf teachers and anthroposophical therapists, including Barbara Schiller, founded the “stART international – emergency aid for children” association. Since then it has been in over 150 war zones and disaster areas to help traumatised children. Its deployment has meanwhile expanded to include emergency and disaster relief, integration and peace work. [more]

Waldorf worldwide

School stress: everyone has it, no one wants it. How do we exit from it?

By Kirsten Schreiber, July 2020

Exiting from school stress requires courage and commitment – that was the conclusion of many participants at the specialist conference on the subject of “Stress and school” at the Havelhöhe Family Forum in Berlin. [more]

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Doing change – the story of Sonomotors

By Jona Christians, June 2020

Former Waldorf pupils develop an innovative electric car, set up a startup company and seek a new way of community funding. [more]

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Seeing black misses the point. The crisis in English Waldorf schools

By Sven Saar, June 2020

It is meanwhile clear to everyone involved that the precarious situation of the Waldorf schools in England – things are different in Scotland and Wales – cannot be laid at the door of a brutal and authoritarian state system alone. The control addiction of the authorities runs through the whole of British society in hospitals, kindergartens and local authorities, but it is not the sole reason for the fragility of the Waldorf impulse. [more]

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Waldorf education in Kiev

By Ellen Niemann, May 2020

On 25 and 26 November 2019, a two-day international conference took place in Kiev on occasion of the hundredth anniversary celebrations of Waldorf education; the first day on the premises of the Ukrainian National Academy of Educational Sciences (NAES) and the second at the Sofia Waldorf School in Kiev. [more]

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The Waldorf school requires a new spiritual impulse

By Gilad Goldshmidt, April 2020

The Waldorf school is 100 years old! We can look back in pride. But we also have to look forward with concern. Pride because we have become a true world movement and because we foster a high-quality education; concern because of the great challenges which lie ahead of us. [more]

Waldorf worldwide

The great Waldorf anniversary show in the Tempodrom

By Mathias Maurer, February 2020

This is the day which the Waldorf world has been eagerly awaiting: 19 September 2019, Tempodrom, Berlin. [more]

Waldorf worldwide

Hundred years of Uhlandshöhe

By Mathias Maurer, February 2020

What a celebration! The Liederhalle concert hall in Stuttgart, political and Waldorf celebrities, a full hall, a programme fit to burst – 100 years of the Uhlandshöhe Free Waldorf School. [more]

Waldorf worldwide

What is Waldorf doing in Europe? The European Council for Steiner Waldorf Education (ECSWE)

By Richard Landl, February 2020

The European Council (ECSWE) consists of representatives from 26 Waldorf associations which are represented in 28 European countries with a total of 712 schools and 159,230 pupils (as per 2016/17). Its office is in Brussels near the European Parliament. [more]

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