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The great Waldorf anniversary show in the Tempodrom

By Mathias Maurer, February 2020

This is the day which the Waldorf world has been eagerly awaiting: 19 September 2019, Tempodrom, Berlin. [more]

Waldorf worldwide

Hundred years of Uhlandshöhe

By Mathias Maurer, February 2020

What a celebration! The Liederhalle concert hall in Stuttgart, political and Waldorf celebrities, a full hall, a programme fit to burst – 100 years of the Uhlandshöhe Free Waldorf School. [more]

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What is Waldorf doing in Europe? The European Council for Steiner Waldorf Education (ECSWE)

By Richard Landl, February 2020

The European Council (ECSWE) consists of representatives from 26 Waldorf associations which are represented in 28 European countries with a total of 712 schools and 159,230 pupils (as per 2016/17). Its office is in Brussels near the European Parliament. [more]

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The clown in the teacher

By Rosie Harrison, Robin Dennis, January 2020

Two freshly-baked teachers describe how theatre clowning during their teacher training was able to give them a taste of freedom – a freedom they seek each day anew as they stand in front of their class. [more]

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Tracks of the crocodile

By Sven Saar, January 2020

Waldorf 100 anniversary conference “The first teachers’ course” at the Goetheanum. [more]

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It could become one. A Waldorf school initiative in Marrakesh

December 2019

At Easter 2019, Isabella Geier, teacher of French, history and social studies at the Augsburg Free Waldorf School, visited the small Waldorf school with daycare and a kindergarten in Marrakesh which was founded in September 2017. She gave two workshops for staff there and used the opportunity for a conversation with founder Sophie Dielissen. [more]

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European parent work

By Ellen Niemann, December 2019

The European Network of Steiner Waldorf Parents (ENSWaP) has existed in its present form since 2007. It was a small group of six parents who met for the first conference in Iceland in 2011. They laid the foundation stone for the annual meetings which are held in a different host country each time. [more]

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INASTE meeting in France

By Peter Lutzker, December 2019

The International Network of Academic Steiner Teacher Education (INASTE) consists of representatives from Waldorf teacher training centres working in an academic setting. [more]

Waldorf worldwide

Elisabeth von Grunelius. The first kindergarten teacher

By Tomáš Zdražil, December 2019

A long series of outstanding teachers shaped the first years of the Waldorf school, some have been portrayed in this journal and many others deserve acknowledgement. [more]

Waldorf worldwide

In the name of Joan of Arc

By Valeria Risi, September 2019

Visit to an Argentinean Waldorf school. [more]

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