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Alexander Strakosch – the Waldorf engineer

By Tomás Zdrazil, September 2019

When in the spring of 1920 it became clear that a group of class 8 pupils would not move up to class 9 but were seeking a transition to practical work, Rudolf Steiner suggested that a so-called continuation school be established for these pupils: “We would have to go for the practical and artistic above all. They should be taught concepts from life, from agriculture, from the trades, industry and commerce. They should do business essays and accounting, and in the artistic field visual arts, music and literature. That would be a task for Mr Strakosch. Life has to be looked at as a school. They can be told all the time that from now on they are being educated by life.” [more]

Waldorf worldwide

Form drawing – a new linear art worldwide

By Thomas Wildgruber, July 2019

Waldorf education resides today on all continents and in numerous cultures. During many visits to Waldorf “colonies” overseas, the question cannot be avoided as to the extent that this Central European cultural impulse is justified for example in India, China or Central and South America, in cultures which suffered or were destroyed through European colonialism. [more]

Waldorf worldwide

Jörgen Smit – with unadorned goodness of heart

By Nana Goebel, July 2019

When Jörgen Smit (1916-1991) took on a first class in Bergen in Norway, he slept on a folding bed in the classroom – he could not afford to pay a rent. [more]

Waldorf worldwide

Eugen Kolisko, the first Waldorf school doctor

By Tomás Zdrazil, June 2019

After the unexpected departure of the class teacher Friedrich Oehlschlegel in December 1919, the school management asked the Tübingen theologian Hermann Heisler to take his place. He, too, had attended the preparatory course in the summer but was not immediately asked to join the new college of teachers. [more]

Waldorf worldwide

Friedrich Oehlschlegel – a Waldorf teacher from day one

By Tomás Zdrazil, May 2019

On the first day of school at the Uhlandshöhe Free Waldorf School in Stuttgart on 18 September 1919, twenty-eight expectant class 6 pupils were sitting in their tiny classroom under the eaves of the converted Waldorf school building. [more]

Waldorf worldwide

Hebet el Nil – gift of the Nile. A Waldorf initiative in Luxor

By Bruno Sandkühler, April 2019

Every tourist knows Luxor and its famous temples, the Valley of the Kings and the wonderful drawings in the tombs. But not many come into closer contact with the farmers of al-Qurna and al-Ba’irat on the west bank of the river. [more]

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Kings Langley – the end of a British Waldorf school

By Sven Saar, January 2019

One of the oldest and biggest British Steiner Waldorf schools, Kings Langley, a school steeped in tradition located north of London, was forced to close its doors in July 2018. Over 350 pupils and their parents, as well as more than 40 teachers were suddenly faced with the end. Some moved, others had to give up their dream of an alternative school career. How could such a thing happen? [more]

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No Waldorfwashing at Wasatch

By Heidrun Kubiessa, December 2018

The Salt Lake City Waldorf Charter School is looking for the common roots of humanity. In this search it draws on the myths and sagas from a great variety of cultures and the expanses of the landscape. [more]

Waldorf worldwide

A tripping stone for the Cohns

By Olivia Girard, December 2018

As part of their history classes and biography work, the pupils of class 8b of the Kreuzberg Free Waldorf School in Berlin looked at the biography of a Jewish married couple. Their goal was to place a tripping stone in the street on which their school is located.* [more]

Waldorf worldwide

Waldorf100: Opening Mathematics

November 2018

Mathematics confronts teachers with a pivotal question: Do we explain mathematics, or do we encourage students to think for themselves and form their own mental images, out of which they then generate mathematics?  [more]

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