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The English patient

By Sven Saar, September 2018

British Waldorf schools are subject to rigid state control. Public distrust is great in the country in which historically private schools had great freedom. The massive lack of money is leading to painful cuts. Sven Saar has been working there again since 2016 and reports. [more]

Waldorf worldwide

Waldorf in Vietnam. The decolonisation of the Waldorf cultural contribution

By Joachim Maidt, July 2018

Now that Waldorf education has spread throughout the world, the time has come for the different countries to associate their own culture with Waldorf education. Its understanding of the human being must be seen in the context of the specific culture. Let us take a look at Vietnam. [more]

Waldorf worldwide

Newly-minted Waldorf teachers

By Petra Plützer, June 2018

The Freie Hochschule Stuttgart – Seminar for Waldorf Pedagogy sent its international “Masters” out into the world. [more]

Waldorf worldwide

Ελευθερια σ’αγαπω

By Kyra Karastogiou, Stephan Beck, February 2018

The first Greek Waldorf school has opened in Athens. [more]

Waldorf worldwide

What effect does artificial light have on our children?

By Uwe Geier, January 2018

The possible ways of using artificial light are rapidly changing at the moment. So-called LEDs (light emitting diodes) are increasingly being utilised and are replacing the light bulbs currently in use. LEDs are attractive because of their low energy consumption and versatility. The EU is aiming to ban the production and marketing of light bulbs which have a higher energy consumption than LEDs. [more]

Waldorf worldwide

Waldorf education in the world’s cultures

By Katharina Stemann, November 2017

The Waldorf movement is becoming ever more international. Worldwide there are over 1,000 schools and 1,800 kindergartens in more than 70 countries. The most recent pioneers are Myanmar, Greece and Turkey. Hence it is not surprising that for a number of years we have been occupied by the question how this system of education might look, for example, in Russia, Australia or Japan. Does it make sense to perform the Christmas plays at the height of summer in New Zealand while the sweat is dripping off the actors dressed in furs and woolly hats? [more]

Waldorf worldwide

Beacon in Asia. Waldorf teachers’ conference in Emeishan/China

By Petra Eimermacher, October 2017

The Asian Waldorf Teachers Conference (AWTC), being held for the seventh time, met in Emeishan/China from 28 April to 5 May 2017, one-and-a-half hours by car from the Chengdu with its millions of inhabitants, surrounded by luscious vegetation and bounded in the west by the mountains of Tibet. [more]

Waldorf worldwide

An oasis in Beirut

By Christiane Leiste, August 2017

Everything is done differently in Lebanon. Writing, reading and arithmetic already have to be learnt in kindergarten. Christiane Leiste from Hamburg and two teachers from Shatila have attempted to see how this can be done without excessive demands being placed on the children by going on a joint search for stories connected with the Arabic script. [more]

Waldorf worldwide

Learning German in America

May 2017

Margarete Orlik-Walsh teaches German as a foreign language at the Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor in the US state of Michigan. She relates her experiences of teaching main lessons in a foreign language and talks about how it is possible to master a third foreign language while at school. [more]

Waldorf worldwide

Magic moments. The international eurythmy project “What moves you” in Berlin

By Christian Boettger, January 2017

At the end of the performance of “Magic Moments - What moves You” on 27 August 2016 in the Komische Oper in Berlin there was rapturous applaus and a standing ovation for the 70 young people from a total of 18 countries throughout the world, the orchestra – the Gnessin Virtuosi Moscow – and the colleagues in the artistic direction.  [more]

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