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Keep developing. Initial findings of the WEIDE study

December 2016

A comprehensive survey of Waldorf parents was undertaken for the first time in 2015; 117 schools and 3,685 parents participated. The results have now been released and an academic publication is planned for 2017. We asked professors Steffen Koolmann and Lars Petersen from Alanus University, who carried out the study together with Petra Ehler, about the most important findings. [more]

Waldorf worldwide

How children thrive. International Early Childhood Conference in Dornach

By Sven Saar, November 2016

“The human being should affirm the world!” Florian Osswald exclaims, encapsulating the objectives of Waldorf education in a single sentence. [more]

Waldorf worldwide

Creating a future for Palestinian children

By Cornelie Unger-Leistner, October 2016

Waldorf initiatives in the Arab world are rare. The initiative started by the German political scientist Wiebke Eden-Fleig in Beirut is thus all the more remarkable. Since last autumn, a kindergarten has started in the Shatila Palestinian refugees camp which works on the basis of Waldorf education. NNA spoke with its founder. [more]

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Benefitting from resistance

By Sven Saar, August 2016

Teachers and pre-school teachers from 51 countries met at the Goetheanum. [more]

Waldorf worldwide

Class teachers worldwide. First results of a survey

By Ricarda Kindt, Tomás Zdrazil, February 2016

The International Conference of the Waldorf movement has set itself the topic of the class teacher. Rudolf Steiner considered it particularly important that one class teacher should look after a class for as long as possible. [more]

Waldorf worldwide

100 years of anthroposophical art

By Matthias Mochner, November 2015

The exhibition Aenigma – A hundred years of anthroposophic art at the Halle Museum of Modern Art shows works by more than 125 artists. There has never before been such a panorama. [more]

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Waldorf school in an Indian reservation. With the Lakota in Pine Ridge

By Kyra Karastogiou, October 2015

There has been a Waldorf kindergarten with a Waldorf school in Pine Ridge, the second largest Indian reservation in the USA, since the 1990s. The land is extreme, the conditions are extreme under which the Lakota people fight for a decent living. [more]

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Between war and school. Waldorf education in Ukraine

By Elena Killge, September 2015

Waldorf education gained a foothold in Ukraine twenty years ago. Elena Killge, who comes from Kiev, reports about how the Waldorf schools began in this now war-torn country. [more]

Waldorf worldwide

Do we have to change the system or ourselves? A Dornach conference

By Sven Saar, September 2015

Human development occurs not in a linear fashion but in phases and metamorphoses. Do we have to reorganise school to do justice to these metamorphoses? Or do we have to learn to transform ourselves with the child and adolescent? The international education conference “Transitions” has caused the author to ask some basic questions. [more]

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School social work at the Berner Oberland Rudolf Steiner School

By Rebecca Romano, Verena Gantner, April 2015

School is a place to communicate values and form protective layers. Their tasks keep growing. Teachers alone are hardly able to manage them any longer. The Berner Oberland Rudolf Steiner School took action and has integrated school social work as a firm part of school life. [more]

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