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Europe: An Oasis in Pristina

November 2012

Like any other war, the Kosovo war caused countless victims and a lot of emotional suffering. Even today, the situation in the villages and towns throughout the country remains desolate. Only a few projects give hope for a better future. “Oases” is one of them.  [more]

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Africa: Hope for Former Street Children

November 2012

Baobab Children Foundation Ghana is an NGO founded in 2001, which has established a training centre with an integrated school in the past few years, in order to strengthen the rights of children. 19 Ghanaian and two German co-workers are operating the institution. As a partner of the Friends of Waldorf Education e. V. and as a result of the “Weltwärts” program, Baobab Children Foundation welcomes six volunteers a year.  [more]

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Argentina: Between a Mood of Change and State Control

By Andreas Schubert, November 2012

In Argentina there are now several well-attended Waldorf schools in Buenos Aires and a number of initiatives in rural areas on the countryside. With great effort the teachers have met at a national conference and together with their students they are facing the challenges of a socially divided country.  [more]

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USA: A Waldorf School for Native Americans

November 2012

The Lakota Waldorf School is a small school in the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. The school was founded in 1993 by a group of Lakota/Sioux parents who were concerned about their children’s education. Currently, about 20 children attend the kindergarten and a first grade is expected to be established in 2012. 
 The aim is to establish a future-oriented school for the Lakota children, based on their own culture and language.  [more]

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Who doesn’t need eurythmy? A help for delinquents, crises and businesses

November 2012

An interview with Olaf Koob (doctor), Noemi Böken (eurythmist) and Beatrix Hachtel (eurythmy therapist). [more]

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Top of the Pisa class – but at a cost. Waldorf education is flourishing in Korea

By Peter Lang, November 2012

People have an idea and act on it. Such proactive people include the Korean Cheong Hie Lee. In the 1990s, she studied German, linguistics and art history in Marburg where she became acquainted with Rudolf Steiner’s writings which took her to the Waldorf teacher training seminar in Stuttgart. [more]

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Kindergarten after perestroika and glasnost: birthday in Moscow

By Peter Lang, October 2012

The kindergarten seminar in Moscow celebrates its twenty-first birthday this year. Peter Lang reports about its history and the situation of Waldorf education in Russia. [more]

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Inkanyezi Waldorf School – a township star

By Eike-Sophia Sondermann, September 2012

Eight years ago, Eike-Sophia Sondermann became familiar with the Inkanyezi Waldorf School in South Africa when she started working in its kindergarten. The school was established in 1986 in the middle of Alexandra township where it has struggled to survive. Its story is just as dramatic as the story of its country.  [more]

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Emergency aid in Nowhere

By Mathias Maurer, July 2012

Kakuma – the word sounds like a hellishly hot spice. Kakuma means Nowhere in Kiswahili and is a refugee camp of more than 100,000 people in north-eastern Kenya. That is where the Friends of Waldorf Education are in deployment. [more]

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Kindergartens in Turkey

By Peter Lang, July 2012

If something in the world is to change for the better, there must be people who feel a personal responsibility for it and place themselves at the service of the task. There are such people in the kindergartens in Turkey. Peter Lang, lecturer and seminar mentor in many countries throughout the world, reports. [more]

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