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Time runs differently in India

By Valentin Sagvosdkin, August 2013

Germans and Indians built playgrounds together In the “Swing for Life” project and had surprising experiences. [more]

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Olympic games in India

By Jyotsna Patnaik, July 2013

The Olympic games are one of the most important events in class 5 in Waldorf schools, anticipated everywhere with great excitement. In India, too, they stand at the centre of this class. [more]

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Waldorf education is attracting lively interest in Turkey. An alternative to selection

By Marie-Luise Sparka, March 2013

Growing numbers of people in Turkey are developing an interest in Waldorf education. Kindergartens are being started, there is training and further training in Waldorf education and educational conferences and information weekends are being held. Public goodwill is evident and gives hope that Waldorf education can establish itself in the Turkish educational landscape. A Waldorf initiative in the southern Turkish city of Alanya aims to open a first Waldorf school on the Turkish Riviera in September 2013. [more]

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Waldorf school at home. An experience report from America

By Eva Meilaender, February 2013

What in Germany would raise eyebrows is practised a lot in the USA and tolerated by the authorities: home schooling. Parents teach their children and also use Waldorf educational methods. A mother reports. [more]

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Waldorf education in Lithuania

By Peter Lang, January 2013

Waldorf education gained a foothold in Lithuania in 1996. In the meantime it has been recognised by the education ministry. The number of teachers and institutions is growing. [more]

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On the 100th birthday of eurythmy

By Michael Leber, Matthias Jeuken, December 2012

At the start of the twentieth century, there were a series of dance artists and educationalists who tried to go new ways in movement and dance performance. They experienced the forms of classical ballet as too rigid and wanted to provide new expressive opportunities for the human soul. These impulses are still associated today with the names Isadora Duncan, Rudolf von Laban and his pupil Mary Wigmann. [more]

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Fiji: Learning by playing on the Fiji Islands

November 2012

In July 2010 the first Waldorf Kindergarten opened on the Fiji Islands. The children of the first group are between three and six years old and will be looked after by three experienced educators. After a lot of perseverance and patience the kindergarten is now officially established. [more]

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Malaysia: Experiences that prepare for the journey of life

By Ong Kung Wai, November 2012

Malaysia is a country with diverse cultural traditions. Sandwiched between largely Buddhist Thailand, predominantly Muslim Indonesia, Hindu India and the predominantly Catholic Philippines, extends a nation that historically was subject to different religious and cultural influences, but was always able to retain its own identity. The countries administration is therefore British by colonial tradition. In the post-colonial period the United States became Malaysia’s largest trading partner and in the region, Communist China is the emerging power. Although there are many old and new external influences within the country, its culturally diverse society is striving for its own way, a way of preparing their children for the future. [more]

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Europe: An Oasis in Pristina

November 2012

Like any other war, the Kosovo war caused countless victims and a lot of emotional suffering. Even today, the situation in the villages and towns throughout the country remains desolate. Only a few projects give hope for a better future. “Oases” is one of them.  [more]

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Africa: Hope for Former Street Children

November 2012

Baobab Children Foundation Ghana is an NGO founded in 2001, which has established a training centre with an integrated school in the past few years, in order to strengthen the rights of children. 19 Ghanaian and two German co-workers are operating the institution. As a partner of the Friends of Waldorf Education e. V. and as a result of the “Weltwärts” program, Baobab Children Foundation welcomes six volunteers a year.  [more]

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