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Gerald Häfner’s address to ECSWE

By Georg Jürgens, December 2014

ECSWE was honoured to welcome former MEP Gerald Häfner at the last Council meeting in Brussels and Court-Saint-Etienne. Häfner, a former Waldorf teacher and founding Member of the German Greens, was invited to speak on decision-making in Brussels. His presentation consisted of a general part covering European Integration and the European law-making process and a more specific input covering Educational Policy and potential fields of activity for ECSWE. [more]

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Report on the ECSWE Conference in Belgium

By Marinka Špodnak, December 2014

A late summer morning. It was going to be a sunny day. A fresh breeze was blowing, and the early birds were waiting for the other colleagues in front of the Willy Brandt Building, which is located in Brussels’ European quarter. Straight lines, surfaces of stone and glass. Everything was huge. [more]

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Waldorf education in Ethiopia

By Angelika Wagner, November 2014

Ethiopia is a high country in northeast Africa with a long history. Known as Punt at the time of the pharaohs and Aksum in the Roman period, this mighty empire made Christianity the state religion even before Rome and Ethiopians still have a deep connection with it. But Ethiopia also possesses the oldest Muslim community outside Mecca and Medina and, furthermore, has had a small Jewish community for thousands of years. More than 200 ethnic groups of diverse religions live together in Ethiopia today. [more]

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A niche in decreed happiness. The first Waldorf school in Venezuela

By Thomas Wildgruber, September 2014

A group of parents in Caracas, capital of Venezuela, intends to go public with the idea of a Waldorf school. There is currently a debate in the universities about “the return of humanism in education”. So the time is right and I travelled to Venezuela in the autumn of 2013 to support this impulse. [more]

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International Masters Programme in Stuttgart

By Peter Lutzker, September 2014

From 2015, an international postgraduate course in English for class and subject teachers will be offered for the first time at the Freie Hochschule Stuttgart teacher training college. This accredited MA course is financed exclusively through generous donations from a series of foundations as well as through student fees. [more]

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The right to education. 25 years of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

By Olivia Girard, September 2014

“The education of the child shall be directed to the development of the child's personality, talents and mental and physical abilities to their fullest potential.” UN Convention on the Rights of the Child 1989 [more]

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A modern American fairy tale

By Martyn Rawson, June 2014

The numbers of Waldorf-inspired charter and public schools are rapidly rising in the USA. In the past, the association of privately-financed Waldorf schools has tended to view this model with some scepticism. Martyn Rawson reports about current developments. [more]

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“Consider ‘what’, more seriously consider ‘how’!” Six Waldorf schools put on Goethe’s Faust in Ismaning

By Claudia Ressel, May 2014

From 22 to 28 February 2014, six class twelves put on the whole of Faust over six days at the Ismaning Free Waldorf School near Munich. More than 4,500 spectators followed this “venture” in morning and afternoon performances. [more]

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Lighting the way for a more human world

By Nana Goebel, March 2014

Janpen and Porn Panosot – Waldorf pioneers in Thailand. [more]

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Starting a school in crisis conditions? A Waldorf school initiative in Athens

By Cornelie Unger-Leistner, March 2014

It’s a Wednesday evening. In an office in inner-city Athens, Michael Tsigotsides, spokesman for the Athens Waldorf initiative, displays a map of Europe bristling with little pins representing Waldorf schools in all European countries. There’s no pin in Greece. “We’re the only country without a Waldorf school, and the time is ripe now for this initiative,” says Tsigotsides, who worked for around 20 years as an upper school teacher in Waldorf schools in Sweden. He also runs several training courses in Athens for prospective Waldorf teachers.  [more]

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