Information Literacy

Information literacy as an educational task

By Franz Glaw, December 2022

Media education in Waldorf schools ideally begins on the first day of school. For the author thinks that the anthroposophical understanding of the human being and media education are not contradictory. In his opinion, age-appropriate teaching that gradually trains the individual power of judgement must be complemented by appropriate developmental support in feeling and volition. [more]

Information Literacy, Publisher's View

Pulling the plug or the duty to be lazy

By Hans Hutzel, December 2022

Are you also familiar with these mostly male colleagues who, when asked for a meeting, begin by emphasising how important they think the request is, but unfortunately do not have a date free in the near future and, moreover, their weekends are also fully booked until Christmas (or summer holidays)? [more]

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"We would like to have grades so we know where we stand."

By Martyn Rawson, Ulrike Sievers, August 2022

Do grade reports really help to find our position? [more]

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A revolutionary heart

By Mathias Maurer, July 2021

Henning Köhler died on Thursday, 8 April 2021. Since October 2009, he delivered his succinct and trenchant texts for the “Kolumne K” column month after month – which annoyed some readers and were missed by others when he had to take a few months off due to illness. [more]

Ecology & Sustainability, Living lessons

In the footsteps of the "Der Blaue Reiter" group of artists

By Brigitte Kaiser, Georg Schumann, March 2022

As a special feature at the Daglfinger Waldorf School there is a "Blaue Reiter" main lesson for our two class 7s right at the beginning of the school year. We start the colourful autumn with a trip to the artist towns of Kochel and Murnau. After an introduction in the school, we then walk locally in the footsteps of the artists of the "Blaue Reiter", we sketch in nature and paint indoors in the evening. Immediately after the trip, the classroom becomes a studio and the pupils spend two days painting a large-scale oil painting. A visit to the Lenbach House rounds off this main lesson. [more]

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Waldorf, anthroposophy, the Greens and more

December 2021

Henning Kullak-Ublick was a Waldorf teacher in Flensburg for 26 years (1984-2010), a board member and spokesperson of the German Association of Waldorf Schools (2004-2021) and co-founder of the Green Party.  [more]

Waldorf worldwide, Self-administration at Waldorf schools

No day like another – chief executive of a Waldorf School

By Susanne Piwecki, June 2022

Waldorf schools are like small or medium-sized businesses. Everything, from teaching to bookkeeping and balance sheets, from building maintenance to waste disposal, has to be managed. The management is responsible for providing a suitable infrastructure so that the educational operation can run smoothly. Meeting the needs of the school community is its challenging and varied, but also exciting task.  [more]

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I can't get the images out of my head

By Jette Lorenz, August 2022

In March, our class visited the Holocaust memorial in Bergen-Belsen together with class 10 of our school. The trip was part of the curriculum for class 10, who were studying the Nazi period and the Holocaust in their history main lesson. Because we had not been able to go three years ago, or in the following years, my class made up for it with this trip. [more]

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The M-word in the classroom

By Mohammed Johari, December 2022

We are all called upon daily to listen sensitively into ourselves as to whether we feel or think in a racist way. And whether the language we use might be racist, even if we do not actually want it to be. This also applies to Waldorf education, where teachers are called upon to explain loaded terms in their historical context. This text by a Waldorf father is about the word “blackamoor” [German: “Mohr”], which is written out here only once and subsequently called the “M-word”.  [more]

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Stuttgart pioneers

By Christof Wiechert, July 2021

To say it from the outset: this work is based on a deeply and thoroughly researched and understood remembrance in the spirit. And it has another a special merit. [more]