The courage of personal initiative

October 2018

An interview with Henning Kullak-Ublick. [more]

Publisher's View, Challenge & Support

Good news

By Henning Kullak-Ublick, July 2018

It happens – rarely, but not never – that an article in Erziehungskunst really annoys me. That includes an interview with Daniele Ganser which was published in 2016 shortly after I had had cause to warn the Waldorf schools against inviting “any old conspiracy theorists” and instead appealed for well-founded social studies lessons. [more]


Music as a school for humanity

By Peter Dellbrügger, April 2014

“You always want to play first fiddle!” – “You always have to call the tune!” – “Stop blowing your own trumpet!” – “There really has to be a change of tune!” Such examples could be continued at length and they have one thing in common: they are images and expressions which describe social processes or characteristics using musical situations. [more]


News from the AD(H)D front

By Henning Köhler, September 2015

Shortly before his death, the US psychiatrist Leon Eisen­berg, one of the “inventors” of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, confessed that this was a prime example of a fabricated illness. He deeply regretted his error because the actual (mostly psychosocial) causes for the symptoms were ignored if an inherited neurochemical imbalance is assumed and methylphenidate prescribed. [more]

Early childhood, Forgiveness

Children’s drawings. A window to the world of life forces

By Raphaela Tampe, February 2018

Children’s drawings tell the story of how children unconsciously move into their body. In drawing, the small child expresses a feeling of those forces which are active in forming the body in the first seven years. Rudolf Steiner calls these biological growth forces life or etheric forces. They build, form and penetrate the physical body and the drawings of the small child are an expression of these forces. [more]

Living lessons, We and the bees

The game of world peace

By Ulrich Kaiser, June 2018

The World Peace Game in class 7 of the Hamburg Bergstedt Rudolf Steiner School. [more]

Living Teachers

The man from Gando

By Mathias Maurer, July 2018

The internationally respected architect Francis Kéré is building a Waldorf school. [more]

Waldorf worldwide, Identity

The English patient

By Sven Saar, September 2018

British Waldorf schools are subject to rigid state control. Public distrust is great in the country in which historically private schools had great freedom. The massive lack of money is leading to painful cuts. Sven Saar has been working there again since 2016 and reports. [more]

Young writers, Identity

Revolution on the Mediterranean

By Lina Petry, September 2018

My voluntary service with Culture Minister Françoise Nyssen in Arles. [more]


Young people online

By Peter Loebell, July 2018

Twenty-first century lifeworlds between digitalisation and sensory integration. [more]

Media, Identity

Christianity and the Ancient Mysteries: Reflections on Rudolf Steiner’s Christianity as Mystical Fact

By Rosemary
 Usselman, September 2018

In the 1950s and 1960s, Charles Kovacs was a class teacher at the Edinburgh Steiner School. It was his modus
 to write abundant notes in preparation for his lessons and a series of books have been published, compiled from these notes, on the subjects taught in the main lesson at Steiner schools.  [more]